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"To love another person is to see the face of God"

Les Misérables is a story of how love could redeem us. Its message has been heard countless times across centuries and generations, a testament to the goodness in all of humankind.

The readers are introduced to the Jean Valjean and his journey towards moral redemption. The word "misérables" means all the miserable people on earth: the poor, villains and criminals whose lives are woven into the gloomy tapestry of Paris. When Valjean was imprisoned for five years which interestingly became thirteen years when he tried to escape, Jean Valjean developed a great hatred against society in general. He got arrested when he stole a load of bread to feed his malnourished brothers and sisters. Because he doesn't represent any value to society, he was taken advantage of hence the five (to thirteen) years imprisonment. Through the simple prejudice of Jean Valjean's life, the story showed the injustices of the lawful process which is supposed to protect us.

"It is society bu…