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Dark wings, dark words

This is where the book series really escalates and there are tons of exciting, heart-wrenching events within these pages that shook me to my very core and even left me weeping on my bed for a whole day. A STORM OF SWORDS is how ASoIaF officially won me over. This book encompassed so many entangled tales among the most intricate characters. It was such a stellar accomplishment for Martin, to weave a cohesive plot within different narratives. I was blown away into tiny pieces just reading through. It took me at least two months to finish this masterpiece and it was the best 62 days of my life even if I had to struggle with the time. There is nothing like curling around a Martin book and be taken captive into Westeros and the prose that awaits to ravish me.

I am so lucky to have owned and known this literature. I can’t imagine how I managed to linger this long as a bibliophile without knowing A Song of Ice and Fire. Perhaps it was destined to be, to encounter and feel passionate about th…