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Of maidens, warriors and queens

I must confess that I really enjoyed this book but for reasons very different from the previous book which is unarguably the pinnacle of everything that made A Song of Ice and Fire such a rich, beautiful fantasy series and deconstruction of the genre. That said, A Feast for Crows is more intimate and experimental in its narrative, choices of character POVs and theme focus. What do I mean when I say this? Well, a lot of critics who read this book agreed that it was a lesser novel than the others because first and foremost, the fan-favorite major characters are not present here (and by fan-faves I of course meant Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys who later appeared in A Dance with Dragons as the main POVs). Having that in mind, it’s so easy to dismiss AFfC as uninteresting and bland. Since I knew about that flaw, I went with that perspective as I perused through the pages and yes, I saw for myself that it was indeed true. Nevertheless, it was not as bad and unpleasant as those critical reviews l…