Saturday, March 11, 2017

"My Library is an Archive of Longings"


I have a bottomless passion for consuming literature 

and the company of books has been the one constant thing in my life..

It has been said after all that books are the best teachers. In reading them we get to experience the lives of others and become enraptured by their most secret desires and loneliest dreams. These characters and their stories help us explore the triumph of our souls and sometimes even the failures we do not care to admit to ourselves and others, if not the occasional darkness we all have struggle with.

And this was why it's been nice reading books again after taking a long enough sabbatical since December. I haven't realized how much of myself I've lost when books no longer fill up those solitary hours when I don't always spend them through watching shows or roleplaying on Twitter. The truth was the main reason why that happened was because I found someone worthy enough of giving up my personal time for; someone I fell deeply in love with that he had emptied out parts of me that used to be full.

Weirdly enough, it doesn't bother me because he made me believe that love can be possible for someone like me who was so used to the isolation. Love for and from another person has a funny way of pushing you out of your own comfort zone and hiding place. He simply made everything else in my life right now pale in comparison at that.

That being said, I refuse to make him my excuse for slacking off when it comes to my reading plans for 2017. Writing with him for Twitter RP will always be a priority, but I do need a special outlet for the monsters in my head that can only find relief and understanding through the breadth and depth of the stories I read to keep them at bay.

Since I forever remain an unflinching individualist who wears the GEEK identity proudly, I know a significant part of my hunger these days is geared towards intellectual stimulation. The lack of ways to flaunt my nerdy inclinations had made me realize that I do need some personal time again to gather my bearings and travel through that scriptorium once more where I can relate to fictional worlds that serve more than just fleeting distractions. There are still so many stories are still out there that I must read and so many territories of the imagination are beckoning me to map them out.

This year I also made another TO-READ list but with a focus on Visual Novels. I might have to change that and just stick to the basics again; and these are novels from varied genres like science fiction, fantasy in both novel and anthology forms, comics series on beloved heroes like Batman and John Constantine, and even a graphic novel here and there.

And so I will update my book review blogs again and find time to write pieces where I freely share my insights and form discourses on literature through those blogs. I will always find a great sense of purpose and belongingness in books after all. I can find a way to balance that with my writings for Twitter RP, but there is an urgency now for me to trek my way back into the shelves of my library where only myself and my soft places can dwell and thrive.

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