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"The Dark Passenger"

I watched the television adaptation first, and Showtime's take on the life and times of Dexter Morgan almost captures everything the actual book itself has presented: the exotic and sunny landscapes of Miami that contrast the dark mind-scape of the titular character, and the self-aware first-person musings and morally ambiguous explorations of the criminal psyche through one of fiction's surprisingly likable anti-hero protagonists.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter is an astonishing work that will become an instant favorite of anyone who has a deep-seated fascination for serials killers and the inner workings of such twisted individuals. But Lindsay's Dexter series was able to put a human spin on the supposed monster that is Dexter Morgan, a blood analyst by day and predator by night who hunts other serial killers to exact justice and punishment. Because he was raised by a policeman whose moral code was able to influence his base urge to kill, Dexter employs morality in his quest to …