• KEE QUEEN (pen name) is a galaxy of her own. A Taurean Enneagram Type 4 born under the year of the Horse, she’s a twenty-seven year old masochistic gender-queer chameleon who considers Lewis Carroll’s Alice as her literary counterpart, and believes she shared an intimate affinity with Oscar Wilde. She identifies as a True Neutral.
  • Gluttony is her ultimate vice; her hunger for flesh, for food, for pain must be quenched or her spirit dies.
  • She joined the Heraldo Filipino, the official student publication of DLSU-D in 2009 and became the literary editor for S.Y 2011-2012 and the Associate Editor for 2012-2013. She has written in HF broadsheets, magazines and the literary folio Palad in the span of 4 years.
  • Raised with books by her father, Kee Queen has accumulated an extensive literature collection and is very fond of the classical lit, detective fiction and erotica genres foremost. She would rather read classics than contemporary ones. A natural storyteller and inquisitive learner of language and art, she usually gravitates around books that are meaningful, definitive, challenging and multi-faceted.
  • She is writes as SilkCut in ArchiveOfOurOwn.
  • Her personal website is


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