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More mediations and dreamscapes

I was not a big fan of the third volume Dream Country which was composed of short stories. With the notable exception of A Midsummer's Night Dream, the rest of the stories did not interest me in the long-term.
Thankfully enough, Fables and Reflections is an anthology which I thoroughly enjoyed. This volume had a lot to offer, and I devoured the tales with much content.
My favorites are definitely Three Septembers and a January, The Parliament of Rooks, Soft Places and Ramadan. But the rest of the stories were also commendable.
Stories like Thermidor, The Parliament of Rooks, and The Song of Orpheus are ones readers have to remember since chief characters there will make appearances in later volumes, particularly the Greek hero Orpheus whose connection to Dream is astonishing and yet very appropriate, if not tragically rendered on page. Meanwhile, August, The Hunt and Fear of Falling are all self-contained stories; the first one is a historical allusion pertaining to a well-known…