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"Everybody belongs to Everybody"

I’ve read Aldous Huxley’s marvelous science fiction because it was my father’s favorite book in his high school years. At first reading, the prose immediately had a sharpness to it that I can feel its sting in my chest once every in a while. The richness of the text has provoked a lot of sensitive imagery which I’m unwilling to entertain at first, yet my mind goes there anyway. They’re disturbing visuals but it only shows the masterful prowess of the writer. It’s a cautionary tale about pure, mad science taking over until it starts to eradicate intimacies in human relationships (including and especially family and monogamy). Not surprising for a controversial piece during its time. Something keeps reeling me in as I peruse the pages. I am propelled to move forward by each turn.

I find the hedonism of this novel quite uncomfortable; I suppose absolute lack of inhibition has its dangers. The people of this so-called brave new world are living the Eden paradise ideal; they feel no shame …