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Underneath the grime and glamor

I was very entertained while reading this book, primarily because the very premise of Snuff was the ultimate parody of the dehumanization and commercialization of sex that I've always wanted. I've been waiting for someone of Palahniuk's caliber and sense of humor to write something about sex and I was pleased Palahniuk's focus was on the pornography industry. He takes us into a very intimate look on how porn goddesses are made and coveted, and the men who lose themselves in the fantasies and fetishes provided by the audio-visual art form that is pornography.

But this book was appropriately entitled Snuff, because the story centers around Cassie Wright, a retiring porn star who planned to end her career by fornicating with six hundred men on camera. There's an implied death wish to this proclivity indeed, and I just know while reading that Cassie might not make it out alive. The plot was actually loosely based on the real-life story of porn actress Annabel Chong, w…