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Southern Reach Trilogy: ANNIHILATION by Jeff VanderMeer

"Some questions will ruin you if you are denied the answers long enough."
Any bibliophile knows that there are certain books that often call to us; books that, once picked up, would be incredibly difficult to put down. And long after the spell of its story has been broken, the link can never be severed completely. It would haunt the reader even after that first page has been turned. There are several books that have had the same effect on me, and most of them have been science fiction stories, if not all. I've read at least 12 sci-fi books since 2014, and they have stayed with me, tucked away in the deep recesses of subconscious, both darkening my soul a little as they set me free as well.
When I encountered copies of this trilogy, I was mesmerized of the covers, and had great hopes for the promising story within, seeing that it's critically-acclaimed. I curtailed these expectations, however, when I saw a few of users I follow in Goodreads, and whose reviews I respect,…

Webcomics Watch: "NIMONA" by Noelle Stevenson

One of my close guy friends encouraged me to buy a hard copy for this published webcomics series, and I obliged because I heard really good things about it, particularly since Felicia Day herself had recommended it in her The Flog vlog. I've been getting into webcomics lately for this year, and have found great ones so far, and it's safe to say that Noelle Stevenson's endearing series NIMONA is one of the better ones out there, which never ceased to be enjoyable in its 275-paged run, as well as able to possess flashes of brilliance alongside its emotional resonance. I could recommend this to most people because part of Nimona's charm is its niche setting that combines medieval fantasy and science fiction elements. It's essentially set in a land with both magic and science (read: technology).
What made this webcomic such an instant hit, however, is its titular anti-heroine. In an interview online, author Stevenson herself confessed that she liked the idea of Magneto-…

Copernicus No Kokyuu by Asumiko Nakamura

"Eventually I'll break off from the swing, and become a constellation."
A truly magnificent and perplexing yaoi manga, The Breath of Copernicus (Coponicus No Kokyuu) written and illustrated by Asumiko Nakamura is both dark and enchanting, something of a fairy-tale in its trance-like pacing and gothic appeal. This isn't your average yaoi story at all. Nothing about it is for the sake of fanservice, which was a most thrilling shock for me. Of the finalized list of BL-GL mangas I plan to read this 2016, Coponicus is something I only stumbled upon by chance during downloads of certified recommended yaoi online. 

I didn't know what to expect when I first skimmed through the pages, but the visuals did stand out immediately upon browsing. I think Nakamura's artistic style is what really made reading this manga particularly hypnotic. There are many amazing character composition and landscape in her visuals that are just damn impressive. With a sparse total of only two v…

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