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SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona staples Vol. 1 & 2

I read the first two volumes of this critically-acclaimed series in one sitting the other night and under two hours, maybe even less. Sometimes you just click with a comic book, you know, and this is definitely the kind of story that has both commercial and niche appeal. SAGA is a celebration and tribute to the hybrid elements of fantasy and science fiction, a rich and diverse tapestry of characters, themes and settings that leave readers awestruck and infatuated with the story very easily since the impact is just as long-lasting. 
Published in 2012, SAGA has had numerous awards and recognition, mostly pertaining to its flexible range when it comes to ethnicity, sexuality, social and gender roles, as well as its commentary and sentiments towards war and conflict. Reading SAGA made me think of Joss Whedon's short-lived series Firefly. That show instantly clicked with me two episodes in, and that's exactly how SAGA felt like for me! It's a remarkable blend of everything I lov…

SEX CRIMINALS by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky Vol. 1-2

The premise of this series pokes fun at but also celebrates a lot of things regarding sex and the relationships that develop around it, both platonic and romantic. Every human interaction is transactional after all, most notably when the business of 'doing it' is concerned. With the chemical tandem of writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarksy, Sex Criminals is a real crazy romp in the sheets that manages a feat like no other; it examines the troubles of relationship-building and intimacy in a way that is both comical and poignant, a biting yet introspective commentary on the nature of love and sex. I've read the first volume in passing and would have written a review about it last year, but other things got in the way. Now, I'm very pleased I also read the second volume right after re-reading the first one, because man, oh, man, these books. These. Fucking. Books. Let's talk about Sex Criminals, shall we?

Writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky have somethin…

AMERICAN VAMPIRE by Scott Snyder Volumes 1 & 2

I probably like vampire-centric stories as much as the next person who had seen enough of it in movies and shows. In fact, two my current favorite 22 shows that I watch dutifully each season launch are about vampires (The Vampire Diaries and its superior spin-off The Originals). I haven't read any Anne Rice books but was familiar with her mythology because of a friend who obsessed about her work; I continue to regret to this day the the fact that I had read Stephenie Meyer's shit of a series, and I enjoyed True Blood,  but only finished the first 2 seasons because I didn't like Sookie Stackhouse as the anchoring heroine of the show. So, you know, I like vampire-centric stories, but not to the point where I actively seek out the genre. If the formula works for a vampire story, it works. I'd watch/read it. Hell, I like the romantic melodrama of the Vampire Knight manga as well.
American Vampireis written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque. The first vol…

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